Applications of Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Models—
an Engineering Approach



Dr. Stan Svojanovsky

Dr. Stan Svojanovsky

Dr. Stan Svojanovsky is a member of the chemistry faculty at Johnson County Community College. In addition, he shares the teaching load of a course in neural networks and fuzzy distribution at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, and provides consulting services for the University of Kansas Medical Center. His research interests include the development and application in silico computer-assisted drug designs of biologically important compounds with the focus on QSAR in neural network models to screen libraries of chemical compounds in pre-clinical stages.

Dr. Swapan Chakrabarti

Dr. Swapan Chakrabarti is an associate professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Kansas (KU). He has more than a decade of experience in applying neural networks and fuzzy models to engineering pattern classification problems including radar target classification, speckle removal, and adaptive antennas. In recent years, he has collaborated with Dr. Svojanovsky of KU Medical Center in applying neural networks to drug discovery problems. In addition, Dr. Chakrabarti has worked with physicians and professors at the University of Kansas Medical Center in using neural networks to monitor medical students’ disease diagnosis skills. He has published journal and conference papers in all these fields and he has taught a graduate level course at KU in neural networks and fuzzy logic for over ten years.

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